Frequently Asked Questions

The ranch reserves the right to to make changes to the FAQ's at any time.

It is recommended that you reveiw the FAQ's just prior to your scheduled hunt.



Why does the Ranch provide an FAQ?

It is our desire that each hunter experience the best time possible. In order for us to help our hunters have a good time, we have provided this information. It is required that each member of your hunting party carefully read the FAQ.


What do I need to bring with me?

Bring appropriate clothing and your weapon. It is recommended that you bring bottled water to carry with you in the field. Hunter Orange vests & hats are REQUIRED to be worn by all hunters while hunting on the ranch. You also need a to bring a completed copy of your liability release. Click here to download a copy. Please have it completed and signed before arriving at the ranch!


What is the preferred weapon for hunting?

We recommend you shoot a .243 caliber rifle or larger when hunting all animals. Bow hunting is also a great means of harvesting your game. We also hunt with pistols, crossbows and spears! NO Full Metal Jacket Bullets Are Allowed!


Is this a guided hunt?                                                                                                                                                                      

Guides are with you during the walk and stalk. At night you will be in enclosed blinds over looking lighted feeders.


What happens if I wound an animal?

Ranch staff will make every reasonable effort possible to recover wounded game. Regardless of whether the game is recovered or not, the wounding of an animal is the same as a kill. Any evidence of an animal being wounded will be treated as a harvesting of that animal. NO EXCEPTIONS! Any hog wounded and not recovered will count against your harvest.


What about transportation while at the ranch?

No personal ATVs, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, or other vehicles are allowed on the ranch. Transportation on the ranch will be provided only by ranch staff using ranch equipment. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Where can I mail my payment?                                                                                                                                               

Northern Sky Outfitters
PO Box 1177
Crowley, TX  76036-1177


What type of clothes should be worn?

In Texas, you always have to be prepared for any weather. You will want to bring waterproof boots in the event of bad weather. In the fall, winter, and spring, be prepared for cool to cold weather. In the summer months, you will need to dress light. Bring your camouflage, sunscreen, etc.


Is a freezer and ice available at the ranch?

No ice is available at the ranch. A walk in cooler/freezer is available. You can store your harvest in the ranch cooler/freezer for $10 for the duration of your hunt.


What type of hunting license do I need?

Every hunter is required to possess a current Texas Hunting License in order to hunt. For hogs, cats, varmints, and exotics, non-resident hunters will need a 5-day special hunting license (type 157) which can be purchased online, at Walmart or Academy. Texas residents will need a general hunting license. If you are hunting turkey or whitetail deer, you will need a different license. Please refer to the Texas Parks and Wildlife website for more details.


Do I need a Hunter Education Card?

You will need a hunter education card if you were born on or after September 2nd, 1971. Please refer to Texas Parks and Wildlife for all of the hunter education regulations.


Is there a taxidermist available for my trophy?                                                                                                                           

Yes we have a taxidermist we work with. Your trophy will be completed and shipped to your home within a reasonable time.


Can someone clean and quarter my animal?

It is mandatory that ranch skinners handle the cleaning of any animal harvested on our ranch. The charge for cleaning an animal includes the tracking, retrieval, transportation, cleaning and disposal of the animal. The standard charge for cleaning is $49 per hog. Exotics are a minimum of $79.


Can I take my animal back home if I am flying?

Yes. Your meat can be packed in a cooler and taken home on your flight. Please check with you airlines for specific carry-on and check-on information.


What do I need to know when flying with weapons?                                                                                                                 

All airlines allow guns to be flown with the luggage. Please check your airline for their specific guidelines.


Where is the ranch located?

The ranch is located a little over an hour northwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We are just south of the Oklahoma border between Jacksboro, TX and Bowie, TX.


What airport should I fly in to?                                                                                                                                                      

You can fly into Dallas Fort Worth InternationalAirport (90 minutes away) or Wichita Falls Municipal Airport (50 minutes away).


What other costs should I expect once I’m on the ranch?

Please allow for the animal cleaning fee and gratuities. Any fees paid at the ranch must be paid in cash. The only exception is a trophy hunt for an exotic which can be paid for by credit card. Absolutely no CHECKS accepted.


Do I need to rent a car?                                                                                                                                                           

Yes. Because of the distance, we are not able to pick you up.


What other animals can I hunt?

We have several varieties of rams, axis deer, fallow deer, blackbuck antelope, elk, aoudads, and whitetail deer. Most exotics can be hunted year-round. Native animals can only be hunted when in season. Exotic hunts range in price depending on species.


Are there fishing opportunities?                                                                                                                                                

Yes, our ponds have catfish. This is a catch and release only.


What if I want to bring an extra hunter?                                                                                                                                     

Extra hunters can be brought when booked in advance. Please call the ranch for availability.


What if I want to bring a non-hunting guest?                                                                                                                             

Non-hunting guests are welcome for $250 per person. Non-hunting guest must be booked in advance.


What is the customary gratuity?

Your gratuity will be appreciated. The customary and recommended gratuity for a 3 day hog hunt is a minimum of $50 per hunter.  This will be shared equally among your guides.  For exotic hunts, the customary gratuity is 15-20% of the hunt cost.


How are the hunts conducted?

At night we hunt from blinds over looking lighted feeders. During the day we walk and stalk. Hunts during the day can be done from blinds or stands to accommodate special needs.


Is this hunt recommended for younger hunters?

With parental guidance, this is a great hunt for younger hunters. The ranch does not have a minimum age for hunters, but they must be accompanied by a licensed adult hunter.


Is the Ranch handicap friendly?                                                                                                                                                   

The ranch is very friendly to hunters with limited abilities. Please discuss your special needs when scheduling the hunt.


How long do I have to book the hunt once it is purchased?                                                                                                  

You have up to one year to redeem your hunt, based on availability.


Do I need to bring a cooler?

If you are driving, please bring your cooler, however if you are flying, coolers can be bought at the local Wal-Mart. We also recommend you bring plastic bags to put your harvest in once it has been cleaned.


Is there a place to sight in my weapon once I arrive?

Yes, we have a gun range.  Our gun range is used for the purpose of verifying your weapons accuracy. The gun range is not open to leisurely shooting, and is not open if any other hunter is in the field.


Can we hunt at night?                                                                                                                                                           

We hunt at night from blinds over lighted feeders.


Is insect repellent needed?                                                                                                                                                        

We recommend you bring insect repellent, especially during the warmer months.


Is Alcohol allowed on the ranch?

For the safety of the staff and all of our guests, handling any weapon under the influence of drugs (legal or illegal) or alcohol is expressly prohibited. Guests of legal age who wish to enjoy an alcoholic beverage may do so in moderation after the hunt, once your weapon is unloaded and stored properly. We want you to enjoy your stay with us while also respecting our other guests and staff. Anyone, in the opinion of a staff member, appearing under the influence of drugs or alcohol before or during the hunt may be asked to leave the property with no refund.


What if I need to cancel or reschedule my hunt?

Payment will be required when your hunt is scheduled.  In the event you need to reschedule your hunt, you must provide at least 30 days notice and you will have up to one year to apply your payment to a future hunt.  Hunts canceled with less that 30 days notice forfeit their payment. Hunts that are rescheduled due to a natural diaster, weather, civil unrest, acts of God or a pandemic, will have up to one year to reschedule their hunt.


What to bring on your hunt….

  • Appropriate hunting attire. Camouflage, jackets, boots, gloves, hats, etc… We do require a hunter to wear hunter orange on their head, chest, and back during hunting times.
  • Recommended rifle size is a minimum of .243, .270, .30-30, or .308. Bigger rifles will work but are not necessary. If you use a shotgun, you must use slugs, NO buckshot. 50 caliber BMG’s are not allowed on the ranch. No Full Metal Jackets bullets are allowed, you must use a hunting round.
  • You will need to bring your bed linens and towels. A fitted sheet is furnished but you will need to bring a pillow, towels and blanket or sleeping bag for cover.
  • Coolers - You will need to bring enough coolers to take your meat home with you. Be sure you have a cooler to store any drinks or snacks you may bring.